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April 8, 2022

Having grown up in a spiritual community that recently and rightly shattered, Jai-Jagdeesh spent the past few years confronting uncomfortable truths and questioning long-cemented beliefs. Oftentimes in the wake of devastating revelations, asking “why” and “how” comes first, followed closely by introspection. Layers of trauma reveal themselves, the foundation crumbles, and a painful process begins. This dark chapter, with its quest for understanding, learning, repair, and renewal, is what Jai-Jagdeesh describes. It has fed each note and every word of this moment’s work. 


Jai-Jagdeesh LINKS:

"Road to Somewhere" available NOW

"Song I Wish I Wrote" PLAYLIST:



Porter Singer is a spiritually-inclined musician, podcaster, and creative sound mentor. Her intention is to beam out a harmonious vibration that gathers lightworkers in collaborative community. More info:

Music credits: INTRO: "Don't Worry, Be Happy (Instrumental)" by Porter Singer and Songs of Eden, OUTRO: "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (Instrumental) by Porter Singer and Songs of Eden
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